How Does Covid19 Affect Legal Rights and Legal Duties?

The Covid19 Pandemic Is Unprecedented As Is the Law Applicable to Pandemic Issues Arising From the Pandemic.

Understanding the Various Legal Issues Arising From Covid19 Including Lockdown Concerns

These are unprecedented times with unprecedented legal issues; COVID19 has affected every aspect of everyone’s lives.  Emergency powers have been enacted and public health measures require changes to many public operations on a daily basis.  Courts and Tribunals are not immune and they have also been impacted.  Consequently, there is minimal legal-precedent regarding COVID19.

If you have any COVID19 issues relating to Tenancies, Employment, Renovations, Business concerns or any other area, it is crucial that you get information based on sound legal principles.  With a background in Risk Management, Denali Paralegal Services has experience in developing mitigating strategies for any uncertainty.  With the assistance of Denali Paralegal Services, your matter will be placed in the most favourable position once the courts and tribunals return to normal function.  Denali Paralegal Services will also assist in developing alternatives to minimize the impact of COVID-19 on your matter.


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